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Sex toys and other marital aids are tools that can help you learn more about your sexuality, they can improve your sexual technique and they can add a buzz to partner sex. We are one of the best places to shop for adult toys, marital aids, massage vibrators, waterproof vibrators and other popular products for adult that will enhance your sex life and promote intimacy. Most women require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and the powerful, consistent stimulation of a massage vibrator delivers like nothing else can. Adult massage vibrators can help you have your first orgasm, or just more intense ones! If you've never used a massage vibrator before, be prepared to experiment! Adult massage vibrator has helped many pre-orgasmic women reach that longed-for first orgasm, and have brought reliable satisfaction to many others.
Celebrator vibrator
As there are so many devices on the market and many of them with questionable quality, we do our best to present the top of the line. If you want to buy a massage vibrator then you have certainly come to the right place as we sell the best quality female vibrators at the lowest prices.
The Celebrator® is a fun gadget, a little bit naughty, inexpensive, and very effective! The Celebrator® is a unique massage vibrator that is to use externally in the key feminine “pleasure zones” found around the clitoris. Women who have used the Celebrator® say it’s the fastest, most intense orgasm they have ever had. In short: the Celebrator® is fun, subtle, tasteful, discreet and made especially for you! With proper care, the Celebrator® can be used multiple times. When you use the Celebrator® with a partner, be aware that safe-sex practices are still applicable. The Celebrator® is waterproof and has two speeds ... 4600/9600 Oscillations per minute! Strongly recommended to use a good lubricant with this product. The My Celebrator® has unique side-to-side oscillation or up and down depending on the angle you hold it at! Liquid O is a perfect addition to the Celebrator® for unparalleled female pleasure.
Purchasing Options The My Celebrator® is only $33.33 -
Replacement My Celebrator® Tips
1 Individual Tip $8.00
2 Celebrator Tips $15.00
3 Celebrator Tips $17.77
Quantity :
Liquid O is sold by the tube with
about 35-40 applications per tube!

Liquid O is only $19.99 per tube!

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