The Female Aphrodisiac - Liquid O

Why was Liquid O created?

Liquid O was formulated to help women who silently suffer with a lack of sexual satisfaction. Have stronger, more powerful orgasms, increased clitoris sensitivty and a better overall sexual experience.   Statistics indicate that over 50 million women have been clinically diagnosed with Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). Mild symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction range from the simple lack of sexual desire to diminished clitoral and vaginal sensation. In more severe cases the ability to achieve either one of the two types of female orgasms, clitoral or vaginal maybe completely lost. Countless women have yearned for the opportunity that the blue pill has given to men. Liquid O was introduced to counter that advantage and level the playing field for women.


Men and women are sexual creatures by nature. Unlike any other creature we are more likely to have sex for pleasure more often then for reproduction. So why is that men can always finish and women don't.

The clitoris is located just above the vaginal opening. This is a magical part of the female body as studies show that the clitoris's only purpose is to give a woman pleasure. This small bump is filled with wonderful nerves that can make a woman feel like a goddess.

"Female 'the blue pill is finally here"

There are two physical changes the body must under go if a woman is to experience orgasm. The first is something called "vasocongestion"; the pooling of blood in the breasts and genitals. This results in the breasts and genitals becoming larger, the body feeling warm or hot to the touch, the change in color of the breasts and genitals, and vaginal lubrication. The second is "Myotonia" or "neuromuscular tension," the build up of energy in the nerve endings and muscles of the entire body. Liquid O was created to aid women in reaching these stages by naturally making the clitoris more sensitive and allowing women to reach the vasocongestion stage quicker and with less effort. This will help her 'get into the mood' because it will get her body in the mood and ready for an orgasmic experience.

How does Liquid O work?

Nitric oxide has been linked to many different functions in the human body, including that of the female orgasm. Its function in the human body is so important, that the Nobel Prize was awarded to the scientists who discovered these astounding properties. Nitric oxide has been demonstrated to increase the incidence of orgasm in women by its ability to effectively enlarge and sensitize women's clitoral and vaginal tissues. Nitric oxide levels are increased in clitoral and vaginal tissue by the amino acid L-arginine. L-arginine is the main active ingredient in Liquid O.

"once you try it, you'll never go back to V-creme"

Liquid O’s L-arginine derived nitric oxide (ADNO) formula is the perfect choice for women who choose the ALL NATURAL, rather than drug enhanced pathway to their maximum sexual performance. This means you'll be ready and wanting sex. Liquid O is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

The following statistics are quite surprising:

  • 78% of women report some type of sexual dissatisfaction
  • 46% of women report that they have never achieved an orgasm, or are less than completely satisfied during their sexual encounters
  • Less than 10% of women consistently achieve a physical orgasm during sexual intercourse

There are three primary types of experimental treatment for female sexual dysfunction:

  • Education on female anatomy, arousal, and response; where blood flow, hormone levels, and sexual anatomy are normal
  • Hormone replacement therapy (including treatment of the underlying disorder)
  • Vascular treatment (including treatment of the underlying disorder)

Having both the woman and man be able to talk about and respond to a woman's psychological and physical stimulatory needs are important. This education can only happen if both partners recognize that there is a problem; but has been successful in bringing many couples closer together. Behavioral and sex therapists note the need for partners to examine the actual act of having sex, including foreplay, intercourse, and talking about sex. Sex therapists and psychologists may assist in improving communication between partners.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) restores hormone levels affected by age, surgery, or hormone dysfunction to normal, thus restoring sexual function. Estrogen and testosterone levels are measured and treated by endocrinologists.

A medical condition that causes little blood flow to the vagina must be addressed in light of sexual dysfunction. Some topical orgasm-enhanser creams, including Liquid-O have shown increased sensitivity and assist in achieving orgasm(s) with this condition. Although Liquid-O is not a cure for this medical condition it may be able to help women with female sexual dysfunction increase sensitivity and reach orgasm.

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How is Liquid O used?

Liquid O is a topically applied gel designed to enhance the female’s pleasure during intimate encounters. Lift the 'hood' (the skin covering the clitoris, similar to the foreskin of a penis) of the clitoris and simply apply one small pea sized drop to the fingertip and gently massage it into the clitoral area. As blood flow increases to the area, the clitoris will become engorged and highly sensitive. The icy-hot tingling sensation that follows is your body naturally preparing itself for a hot intimate experience. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the unimagined orgasmic experiences.

Female Aphrodisiac 'the blue pill for Women'

Women using Liquid O as an aphrodisiac describe an increase in sexual desire and vaginal lubrication, as well as increased intensity and frequency of orgasms. © All rights reserved.

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