"Bye, bye Viacreme. Hello Liquid O! I had been using Viacreme for about a year and a friend told me about Liquid O. After just one time, I noticed a huge difference and made the switch. My husband noticed the difference too and that makes us both happy."

Katherine 48, TX

"For the past 6 years I have not been fully satisfied with my sex life. It was not my husbands fault as I know he has been and always will be a great lover. It was me. I Used to climax about 5 out of every 8 times I was intimate and then 6 years ago I stopped climaxing almost altogether (1 out of 10 if that). I then tried your Liquid O last month and not only was I fully lubricated but I actually climaxed. I thought it may have been a coincidence so the following week when I used it again the same results. I have now ordered for the second time. This is one satisfied customer..no pun intended."

Laura; Utah

"My husband always blamed himself for not being a good lover because he could not make me achieve orgasm via intercourse. Liquid O has helped me enjoy sex even more and helped my husband feel like a man. I climax all the time now and my sex life is enhanced. Thank you Liquid O"

R.T.; San Francisco

"The icy-hot tingle is fantastic, I’ve tried several other similar products, but nothing compares to the reaction I got with Liquid O. Amazing that one tiny drop can do so much – but it’s true. I love it!"

Kim, 40 Detroit, MI

"My wife and I loved Liquid O so much – we are now distributors! Now we’ve turned our pleasure into a small business."

Dan and Kerry, IL

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